Customer Quotes

“I have worked with Central Missouri Sheltered Enterprises for seven years.

The electronic connector business is a rapidly evolving business that is in a state of nearly constant change. Central Missouri Sheltered Enterprises has always responded to changes in an efficient and professional manner.

Of particular importance to me is the ability of the staff and employees to deliver “hot” orders within a minimum time span. They are able to do this without disrupting the product flow on the normal orders. They have time with “linedown” situations, so often in fact that one major customer routinely calls to ask if Central Missouri Sheltered Enterprises can pull just one more rabbit out of the hat.

Central Missouri Sheltered Enterprises is quality oriented and it shows in their work.

I would rate their overall operation as very good. The employees, staff and management are friendly and make it a pleasure to work with them.”

–Ed Smith
3M Contract Mfg.
Electronics Products Division
Columbia, MO Plant

“Central Missouri Sheltered Enterprises (CMSE) has been a valued source of services to WMI [Weaver Manufacturing, Inc.] for over 7 years. The people of CMSE are dedicated and committed to providing quality work and excellent customer service. The assembly work that WMI outsources to CMSE is important to WMI’s ability to meet our customer’s needs. CMSE consistently does a very good job, the results are seen in the on time delivery of quality work. WMI appreciates, and is proud of our association with all the people of CMSE.”

–David Weaver
President, WMI

“We really enjoy working with the folks from CMSE!”

–Bill Maples

“The Missouri State High School Activities Association sends numerous large mailings to our member schools and our registered contest officials during each school year. The Central Missouri Sheltered Enterprises has been instrumental in the preparation of these mailings for us over the past twelve years or so. They have done an outstanding job for us and we will continue to seek their assistance for our large mailings in the years to come.”

–George Blase
Assistant Executive Director

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